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Which Beco Poop Bags?

Compostable, Recycled, Scented, Unscented, Handles, No Handles? It's a big choice. Which will work best for you?

No matter if you use park bins, household rubbish or compost your dogs waste at home... there is a bag for you!
Read our quick guide to the best dog poo bags for you!

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Quick Choice.

If you dispose of your dog's waste in public/park bins or general waste, we'd recommend the Beco recycled bags. These come in both scented and unscented. If you can compost your dog's waste at home, Beco home compostables are the best biodegradable dog poop bag for you.




Big & Strong


Recycled Packaging

Mint Scented


Made From PE Plastic

Made From Cornstarch