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Will a Place Board benefit my training?

Straight to the point. YES!
This dog training place board is an invaluable training tool for any training journey!

Exactly as it says in the name, they give your dog a place to be whilst learning key commands. From personal use it excelled our training and gave our dog a clear place to be during training sessions.

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Dog place boards allow dog owners to train their dogs to wait patiently at specific locations before proceeding with their training activities. Consistent use of place boards helps keep gundogs calm and focused, as they learn important commands such as sit, stay and wait. These tools are particularly beneficial as they can be utilised within the safety of your own home, minimising distractions from other animals or humans. This form of training not only promotes obedience but also encourages dogs to find comfort in their own space, leading to more positive training outcomes.

Cato boards also serve as a visual aid and create a purposeful area for training, encouraging consistent positioning for you and your dog throughout the training journey.

Why Cato Placeboards?



Ultra-Stable & Strong

High Grip Non-Slip Feet


High-Traction Textured Surface

Easily Cleaned


Compact Stacking