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Dog & Field Grouse Clone Bird

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Colour: Grouse

Designed, developed, descriptions and manufactured by Dog & Field.


The Original Clone Dead Bird Dummy range has been designed specifically to stimulate your Gundog’s three primary hunting senses – Sight, Smell & Touch.

We are now delighted to have extended the famous range of revolutionary dummies and bring to you, The Grouse Dead Bird Dummy!

The Dead Bird Dummy bridges the gap between dummy training and gets your dog closer to the real thing. By training our dogs to handle more life-like dummies, it prepares them for those more difficult game bird retrieves on shooting days. The more accomplished our dog, the more likely shot game will be retrieved, added to the bag and end up in the food chain. Thus making our sport more ethical and sustainable.

Sight – This super-lifelike Gundog training dummy features a true to life body size and shape with the added realism of featuring a head, wings and tail, which mimics a shot game bird whether being retrieved from the ground as a static retrieve or used as a visual mark falling from the sky.

Smell – Your Gundog’s nose is its number one tool to help it find shot game. Which is why we have used carefully selected fabrics to ensure maximum scent retention. By simply doing your dummy to your game bag or training vest, familiar scents will be carried to help your dogs recognition of the retrieve. Even better carry your dummy where game scent has been or is present to add that finishing touch of realism to your Dead Bird Dummy.

Touch – When making the transition from canvas to feather ,dog’s can often find the feel of the head, wings and tails of shot game a real issue. The Dead Bird Dummy offers you and you dog the opportunity to train in a low pleasure environment to overcome the issue of correct pick up, carry and delivery. During product testing we found that dogs had to think about their mouth placement and soon developed the skills to overcome the added dilemma of flapping wings, floppy head and tail feathers – preparing them for the real thing out in the shooting field.


The high definition photographic canvas print of real-life game birds feather patterns are designed specifically with the dog and hander in mind,. The advanced marking visibility and eye-catching realistic appeal of the dummy to help your train your dog with the convenience. Combine that with the real feel and scent absorbent, robust fabric ads the realism of the types of game birds your dog may be retrieving in the field.


Customer Reviews

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Brilliant for learning to open mouth more

What I love about this dummy is its round and fat like a big old ball meaning the dog has to open mouth wider... its actually I think wider for the mouth than the pheasant cock and Mallard I have so super useful for training mouth.