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DTT6 Blank Firer

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The DTT6 Blank Firer is a quality tool designed for gundog training. Featuring easy operation, it fits into bags and pockets and comes with a blank extractor. With 6 shots, it quickly accustoms dogs to the sound of a firearm.

These .22 SHORT blanks used in the DTT6 also meet all legal firearm regulations. User instructions are avaliable to help ensure proper usage of this tried and tested product.

  • The DTT6 is a 6 shot blank firer
  • Accustoms¬†your dog to the shot sound
  • Very easy to operate¬†
  • Easily fits in your pocket or training bag/vest
  • Does not look like a blank-firing pistol!
  • Blank extractor included
  • A very well-made, good-quality product
  • Great gundog training tool
  • Tried and tested
  • Meets all firearm regulations
  • Uses .22 SHORT blanks

Please note - to purchase, own, and operate blank firing pistols or blanks you are required by law to be 18 or over. Thank you

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